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MANSEN has more than 15 years of professional manufacturing history in the field of leisure products. Especially in the field of tent manufacturing, we have very rich experience and have carried out OEM customization cooperation with many world-renowned tent brands.

mansen tent factory

OEM Services

mansen tent production workshop
mansen tent production workshop
mansen tent production workshop
mansen tent production workshop
mansen tent production workshop
mansen tent production workshop

How About Our Tent OEM Services

As a rising brand in the tent industry, MANSEN is constantly being known by people. But like any great thing, there is always a need to absorb better qualities on the road to growth in order to continue to grow. Our tent OEM service is one of the best channels to learn about excellent brands in the industry. By undertaking OEM orders for tents, we have learned more about the different needs of consumers in different countries and regions around the world for tents. At the same time, we have also deeply experienced the strict pursuit of tent quality by major tent brands. These different challenges make us constantly adjust and improve our production capacity and responsible attitude toward products. We hope that in the future, MANSEN can become the first choice of tent brands in consumers’ minds with a more comfortable experience. If you have tent OEM needs or are interested in our OEM services, please contact our sales staff

Why Work With Us

Strict quality control

We have a strict quality management system for our products. Every product will be delivered to customers after multiple quality tests

15 years of professional experience

In 15 years, we have produced a large number of different types of tents and other rest supplies for users around the world. Win customer satisfaction with professional experience and strict quality

Quick sample customization

We can provide you with the required samples in the shortest time and promise that the quality of the samples is consistent with that of the bulk goods

Scheduled delivery of goods

Deliver the goods in strict accordance with the delivery time specified in the contract without delaying the customer's planned harvest time

24*7 online services

We have professional staff to provide 24-hour online consulting services. You can get timely and free answers to any questions

Perfect after-sales service

After product delivery, if you have any problems, we can provide you with satisfactory after-sales service. This is not only a slogan, but also the value of our brand

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NEWS Center

As a professional manufacturer of tents and leisure products, MANSEN has cooperated with many internationally famous brands and undertaken a large number of OEM services for tents. In these OEM service projects, we found some interesting things. If you are interested in these interesting things, you can click the button below to learn more

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