Customer Feedback


I am very happy to find Manson as our partner by chance. Manson has been very helpful to us in our cooperation process, and always actively provides valuable suggestions in the development of new products. The tireless modification of samples has reached the most perfect final product. The perfect samples are more conducive to us getting orders from customers. I hope that we can have more long-term cooperation in the future.


I have a store selling children's toys. I often customize some lovely children's tents and toy channels in Manson. These products sell very well. They will help us draw our own design and customize new styles. This gives me more advantages in the competition with peers.


We have many supermarket chains in Europe, and we are very happy to have cooperated with Manson for more than 10 years. In the past 10 years, Manson has always maintained high quality products, provided considerate services, and delivered goods on time without delay. I believe we will create a better future together.


This year, we visited the mansen factory and met our partners and old friends who have worked together for many years. We were very happy. Manson always gives us the most favorable price and the most enthusiastic service. It is responsible for the delivery of goods to the door throughout the whole process. The freight is also very cheap, and the timeliness is stable, which is very convenient for us. We look forward to more cooperation in the future.


I am starting my own business and have opened my own online shop. It is very important for me to have favorable prices, good product quality and a small initial order,Manson is very supportive of me in these aspects and has given me great help, so that I don't have to worry about inventory problems and capital problems. I hope my shop have great success and I will give you large order in the future.


Our country has a very long coastline with plenty of sunshine. The beach tents here are very popular. Thank you for recommending some hot sale design beach tents to me . These tent are lightweight, easy to carry on the shoulders while walking from the parking lot to the beach. The mansen factory helps customize my logo, color cards and instructions, which is very helpful for my products and brand .