quality control

Tent Fabric Inspection

Our newly customized fabrics will be sent to the laboratory for some tests, such as EN71 Parts 1 2 and 3, Cadmium, Lead, AZO Dye, Phthalate, PAH, SVHC, Colour fastness, Water repellence test etc., to ensure that the products can meet the implementation standards required by the customer's contract.

Tent skeleton pressure test

The Tent skeleton pressure test help to ensures that the tent pole has enough toughness and strength to support the tent .

tent fabric cutting

During the cutting process, spread the fabric layer by layer to check whether there is damage and dirt, and pick out the unqualified fabric in time.

tent fabric sewing

The worker shall not scratch the fabric during sewing, and shall not stain the fabric with the machine oil. Pay attention to distinguishing the sewing methods in different positions, such as Single stitches Double stitches ,curling and edging.

Pressure test of tent framework

The tent shall be opened and closed for at least 10 times to check the bearing capacity of the support and the fastness of each connection point. Zippers and safety buttons shall be subject to 10 times opening and closing tests.

Tent Package Drop Test

drops of the outer carton from a height of 1.0 m (or 0.6 m for resin products) onto a hard floor surface such as concrete or similar.The outer carton must be dropped on its side face (B), base (D) and one base corner (E). After the three drops the products and packaging are examined for damage.

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